18 Affirmations Every Woman Needs to Hear

Affirmations are statements that assert something exists or is true. When you use positive affirmations, you are essentially asserting positive beliefs that are meaningful to you. Yes, on the surface affirmations can feel really corny, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

If you struggle with feelings of self-worth and self-love, give affirmations a try. Even if you just commit to writing down one to three affirmations each day for a month, chances are you’ll see a major improvement in your overall mindset and how you feel about yourself. Because let’s be honest – the real glow-up isn’t external. The real glow-up happens when you learn to love and accept yourself just as you are.

To start your journey using affirmations, try journaling ones that resonate with you in the morning before reaching for your phone to check social media or emails. Here are some of our favorite affirmations to help get you started.

18 Affirmations for Women

  1. The love I have for myself increases my capacity to love others.
  2. I am always headed in the right direction.
  3. By shining my light, I help others shine theirs.
  4. I don’t have to earn my worth.
  5. I belong in any space I walk into.
  6. I focus on what gives me energy. My energy serves as my compass.
  7. Being me is how I win.
  8. I am my best source of inspiration.
  9. I am loved and supported.
  10. My self-worth is high.
  11. I am the best version of myself just as I am.
  12. I find new ways to come home to myself each day.
  13. I am unconditionally worthy.
  14. I am gentle with myself through all transitions.
  15. Regardless of the outcome, I am supported.
  16. My feelings are valid and I honor them all.
  17. I allow myself to feel so I can heal.
  18. My magic speaks for itself.
  19. I am stepping into my power.
  20. I inhale my dreams and exhale my fears.

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